Armadillo in a Dream

The armadillo is a small mammal that is encased in a hard, leathery shell. Although armadillos look as if they are totally enclosed in their scalelike armor, the underside of their bodies is covered with fur. Armadillos have sharp claws that they use to dig for food and to create dens for themselves. They have poor vision and short legs. All twenty species of armadillo are native to the Americas. They are amongst the oldest of animals, as they have survived for almost sixty million years. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-82), the English poet and artist, kept two armadillos as pets. One of them burrowed its way into his next-door-neighbor's kitchen, convincing her that she'd seen the devil. It's a positive sign to dream of an armadillo, as it shows you are protected from harm everywhere you go. It also shows that you possess empathy and understanding.

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