Bear in a Dream

Bears were worshipped in prehistoric times, not only because of their strength but also because people believed they were ancestors to mankind. Bears have both positive and negative interpretations in your dreams. If you dream of a good-natured bear, it's a sign that you are gathering your strength and energy so you can accomplish a monumental task. Many people dream that a bear is menacing or chasing them. If this appears in a woman's dream, it's a sign that past hurts are causing difficulties in current relationships. In a man's dream, it's a sign that feelings of inadequacy, dating from childhood, are holding him back. In Chinese symbolism, the bear symbolizes male energy. (The snake symbolizes female energy.) Consequently, the bear is a symbol of courage, strength, and hard work. If a woman dreams of a bear at around the time of conception, it is considered that she will give birth to a boy. To dream of a bear indicates a need for the dreamer to cultivate his or her inner strength and courage. The dreamer is likely to have many obstacles that need to be faced, but also has the power to overcome them.

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