Beaver in a Dream

Beavers are industrious, practical animals who create dams and dome-shaped lodges for themselves, sometimes on a grand scale. There is a beaver dam on the Jefferson River, near Three Forks, Montana, that is 2,140 feet long. Most of it is less than six feet high, but parts of it are fourteen feet high and twenty-three feet wide at the base. Beavers work quickly, and can cut down a tree with a six-inch diameter in less than sixty minutes. They can stay underwater for up to fifteen minutes and can gnaw wood while submerged. Beavers were often considered holy animals in the Native American tradition, able to convey insight and wisdom to the dreamer. As beavers work cooperatively together, if you dream of a beaver it's a sign that you need to work well with others if you want to progress. Beavers are capable of changing their environments. For this reason, dreaming of a beaver can also indicate that you need to be creative and search for new and fresh ways of doing things.

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