Bee in a Dream

An old legend says that Jupiter, the supreme god of Roman mythology, was nourished by bees. However, bees are universally considered a symbol of industriousness, thrift, and dedication. They also symbolize activity, productivity, social organization, teamwork, and cleanliness. To dream of bees is a sign that teamwork, or cooperative effort, is required. If you do this, you will achieve much more than you would be capable of on your own. It's also a sign of multitasking. It's common to dream of bees when you're undertaking something momentous and important, such as an examination, a wedding, or childbirth. Dreaming of a single bee is a sign that you have many good friends. There is a negative side to dreaming about bees. They can indicate an enormous amount of mindless internal chatter that makes it hard for you to focus and think clearly. In China the bee also symbolizes a young man in love, and the flower the bee circles (usually a peony) symbolizes the girl he loves. Consequently, to dream of a bee or bees indicates love, romance, and marriage. However, to dream of a bee and a butterfly together indicates sexual intercourse. A famous dream dating back more than three hundred years relates bees to prosperity. A prostitute regularly dreamt that she slept with a scholar called Mr. Thin Loin. One night she dreamt that after the two of them had made love, Mr. Thin Loin grew smaller and smaller and ultimately turned into a bee. She looked after this bee, which attracted thousands of other bees. The prostitute began collecting and selling the honey, and became rich as a result. For this reason, in China, dreaming of bees is a sign of coming prosperity

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