Buffalo in a Dream

Buffaloes symbolize strength and power. Lao-Tzu, the philosopher and author of the Tao-te-Ching, is said to have ridden a buffalo westward. Buffaloes are usually a positive symbol in dreams. It is a sign that you should return to your roots where you will find satisfaction and fulfilment. A friend of mine became a musician after dreaming of a buffalo. He had spent twenty years working in the computer industry, and returned to music, his first love, after several dreams involving buffaloes. It is especially auspicious to dream of a white buffalo calf. This is a strong indication that this is the right time to move forward and achieve your dreams. It's a sign that someone or something is intimidating you if you dream of a herd of stampeding buffalo. Use your strength and courage to stand up to the situation, and it will quickly pass.

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