Bull in a Dream

Bulls are famed for their strength, stubbornness, and aggression. Consequently, they're always associated with masculinity. They can also indicate instinctive urges, as well as an important, powerful person in your life. If a man dreams of a bull, it could indicate a desire to become more aware of the masculine side of his nature. A bull can also indicate the masculine side of a woman's personality. Bulls can also relate to the old saying, "Taking the bull by the horns." This means overcoming your anger and aggression, and taking control of your life. An attacking bull is a common dream, and can be a warning that someone is trying to undermine you in some way. Dr. Joseph L. Henderson, a prominent Jungian, recorded a dream told to him by a female patient. In her dream, an angry bull was chasing her. When she realized it was impossible to outrun the bull, she fell to her knees and started to sing to it. The bull immediately stopped chasing her, and even licked her hand with his tongue. Dr. Henderson interpreted this as a sign that in the future the woman would relate to men in a more confident, sexual, and feminine way than she'd been able to in the past. The sacrifice of a bull has always been considered a sign of victory and success. The Persian sun god Mithras sacrificed bull to demonstrate the victory of man's higher nature over his primitive animal passions. If you kill a bull in a dream, it's sign that you're gaining mastery over your baser instincts, and are becoming more mature and responsible. To dream of two bulls fighting is a sign of disharmony between different members of the family, usually siblings.

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