Chimpanzee in a Dream

We share all but 1.5 percent of our genetic material with chimpanzees, and because chimpanzees are so much like us, people have always been fascinated by them. During the sixteenth century, Portuguese explorers called chimpanzees "Pygmies." The word chimpanzee was first used by Europeans in 1738. It is derived from the Bantu word kivili-chimpense, which means "mockman." Chimpanzees use a wide variety of gestures to communicate with each other. They use tools, and learn quickly from observing others. Sadly, they are killed for food, which means their numbers are declining every year. Dreaming of a chimpanzee is a sign that a playful, fun-loving side of your nature wants to express itself. This often occurs if you have been working hard for a long period of time, and is a sign that you are overdue for a vacation. If it's not possible to have a vacation in the near future, you need to spend relaxing times with friends and loved ones.

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