Climbing in a Dream

Dreams about climbing have many interpretations. Climbing is often associated with struggle and with ultimate success if the dreamer reaches the summit. Climbing a mountain in particular can be seen as escapism, indulging a wish to run away from part or all of the dreamer's current life. The level of difficulty or ease with which the dreamer climbed may be a reflection of his or her progress in life, and how he or she tackles daily encounters. The dreamer's view from the top and what he or she saw along the way could shed light on waking dilemmas. If the view from the top was somehow obscured, however, this could have implications for the dreamer's approach to personal problems. Dreams of flying in an airplane and attempting to climb in altitude can represent the dreamer's awareness of the hurdles that he or she needs to overcome in waking life.
Climbing a tree implies ascending to a position of authority. Consider how quickly or slowly you were climbing, and how you felt if and when you eventually reached the top.
Scaling a wall denotes the need to find a solution or some sure footing with regard to a problem that may not yet be consciously recognized.
Airplane climbing over water
A dream of flying in an airplane climbing in altitude over a large expanse of water may represent the idea that you have taken on more than you can handle. Perhaps you have overestimated your ability to complete a certain project in your waking life.

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