Dog in a Dream

Dogs evolved from wolves, and were first domesticated some twelve to fourteen thousand years ago. The ancient Egyptians believed dogs acted as guides and messengers in the underworld. They could also take messages from the living to the dead. The Greeks had a two- or three-headed dog named Cerberus who guarded the entrance to Hades. He would not allow living people in, and also refused to let dead people out. As with cats, your own feelings about dogs will have a major effect on the interpretation of them in your dreams. If you like dogs, your dreams that include them will relate to friendship, devotion, loyalty, and faithfulness. If the dog is licking you, it's a sign that old emotional wounds are being healed. If the dog is barking with excitement, it's a sign that you are welcomed and accepted by others. However, if the dog is barking because it's angry, it's a sign of problems ahead. It is an indication of problems between friends or family members if you dream of two dogs fighting. A large dog is a sign of protection. However, a small dog suggests a lack of confidence. If you dream about your own dog, it's a symbol of the positive qualities you possess. Dreaming of a puppy, or puppies, is always a positive sign and symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and youthfulness. It can relate to your feelings about your own children. For many people, dreaming of a dog is a sign of love and devotion. These people often had unhappy childhoods, and may feel that the only love they experienced at that time came from the family dog. Dreaming of a black dog can be a sign of sadness, depression, and loneliness. If you don't like dogs, any dogs you see in your dreams are likely to be aggressive. This is a sign that someone at work is making your life difficult, most probably because of envy. The dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac. Traditionally, if a dog bit you in your dream, it was an indication that your dead ancestors were hungry, and you had to send them offerings of food and money. To dream of a dog running towards you is a good omen, as it means that you will ultimately be wealthy. To dream of a sleeping dog is a sign of faithfulness and protection. It denotes a strong, stable relationship. However, it is not a good omen to dream of a dog that is snarling or aggressive. This is a sign of family arguments and difficulties.

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