Donkey in a Dream

Today, the donkey is often considered a symbol of stupidity. However, a donkey was present at the Nativity and also carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. This fulfilled a prophecy, and also demonstrated meekness. Consequently, in the Christian tradition, the donkey signifies patience and humility. To this day, the donkey has a dark stripe running down its back, crossed by another stripe at its shoulders. Jesus is said to have given the cross to the donkey after His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. In ancient Egypt, donkeys were used as beasts of burden. They helped the Egyptians expand their trading empire, as donkeys uncomplainingly carry 30 percent of their body weight. In ancient China, a white donkey was the steed of the Immortals. In India, the donkey is also the steed of gods, but it is a negative symbol, as these are the gods of death. There are two main interpretations if you dream about a donkey. The first shows that you need to become more patient, accepting, and nonjudgmental. The second interpretation shows that you are indulging in sexual fantasies that have no relationship to what you would do in real life. It is also an indication that the sexual side of your life needs more attention. It's a sign of leadership ability, persistence, and determination if you're leading the donkey by a rope. If the donkey is braying, it's a sign that a family disagreement is being resolved. If you're riding the donkey, it's a sign of humility. If someone else is riding the donkey, you may feel that you're doing far more than your share of the work. If the donkey is carrying a heavy load, it's a sign of travel to new and interesting places. It's a sign of bad luck if you fall off a donkey or if a donkey kicks you.

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