Dove in a Dream

In ancient Greece, the dove was sacred to Aphrodite. In Islam, the dove is also a sacred bird, as it protected Mohammed during his flight from Mecca. In most cultures, a dove symbolizes peace, innocence, love, reconciliation, fulfilment, and spirituality. This is probably because Noah sent out three doves after the Flood. One returned with an olive branch, which was considered a sign of reconciliation with God. A white dove also traditionally symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Doves also symbolize the soul, and in medieval art, doves are sometimes shown emerging from the mouths of dead saints. If a dove appears in your dream, it's a sign that you possess a creative potential that you have not yet developed. You'll find numerous opportunities to grow and develop creatively. As you develop creatively, you'll gain contentment and peace of mind. A dove also indicates a happy home and family life.

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