Duck in a Dream

Ducks are found all around the world. Small children enjoy feeding them, and many adults enjoy hunting them for sport or food. Although the word duck is considered genderless, it actually refers to the female of the species. The correct name for the male is drake. Because ducks are at home on water, land, and in the air, they symbolize the possibility of transformation. Consequently, to dream of a duck is a sign that you should be ready and willing to change, as this will open up a variety of opportunities for you. The early Christians depicted ducks on the portals of churches. This was because ducks constantly chatter, and the church fathers wanted people who talked incessantly to stay away. Consequently, to dream of several chattering ducks is a sign that you should not indulge in mindless chatter and gossip. The duck has an interesting reputation in China. In eastern China, for instance, the word for "duck" is a homophone for the word for "homosexual." In northern China, the word for "penis" is a homophone for "duck." This is an instance in which similar-sounding words have created a negative impression, and over the years the duck has suffered as a result. However, to dream of a pair of ducks is a sign of love and romance, and to dream of a mandarin duck is a sign of a happy marriage.

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