Eagle in a Dream

Ever since antiquity, the eagle has been considered the king of birds, and was used as a symbol by kings and other leaders. An eagle was the companion of Zeus. In Roman art an eagle carried the soul of deceased rulers to the gods after his cremation. Roman legions also used the eagle as a symbol of strength on their banners. When an emperor died, an eagle was released from the funeral pyre, symbolizing the soul heading upwards to the gods. Consequently, it's not surprising that the eagle symbolizes strength and courage in dream interpretation. To dream of an eagle is a sign that you will have the necessary strength to achieve your desires, even though you may feel isolated and on your own most of the time. It also shows that you'll pay attention to all the details and will make good decisions. Dreaming of an eagle also shows you have leadership potential. If you dream of an eagle soaring high into the air, it's a sign that you're seeking spiritual growth. Dreaming of a bald eagle is a sign of patriotism for people in the USA.

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