Echidna in a Dream

The echidna is a stocky, spiny anteater with a short tail. It is native to Australia and New Guinea. When disturbed by its enemies, it curls up into a ball like a hedgehog, wedges itself tightly into a crevice, or digs downwards into the earth until only its spines are visible. They are shy, slow-moving animals that can live up to fifty years. To dream of an echidna is a sign that you should cease holding yourself back, and stand up for yourself when necessary. Echidna was also a mythical creature that was half woman, half serpent. She lived in a deep cave and was called "the mother of all monsters." She gave birth to many other Grecian mythical creatures, including the chimera and the sphinx. If you dream of echidnas, you are seeking someone or something that can't be found. It is time to let it go and move on with your life.

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