Elephant in a Dream

The elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal, and symbolizes strength, power, intelligence, and longevity. In Asia, the elephant is considered a powerful, wise, and happy animal. The Indian god Indra rides an elephant; and Ganesh, son of the great god Shiva, has the head of an elephant. In Africa, the elephant symbolizes strength, longevity, and happiness. In China, elephants symbolize strength and intelligence. As well as being highly intelligent, elephants are famed for their memories. According to Aristotle, the male elephant abstained from sex during the two-year gestation period of his mate. In fact, this is not the case. However, because of this belief, elephants are considered to be careful, chaste, and prudent. Nowadays, the elephant is considered an intelligent, moral, and faithful animal. Naturally, it also symbolizes strength, ambition, motivation, power, and the ability to carry on indefinitely. To dream of an elephant indicates all of these qualities are present in your life, and should be harnessed and utilized. An elephant can symbolize all the qualities you should be making use of in your everyday life. Elephants are renowned for their memory. They may appear in your dreams if you're concerned that you may not remember something important. Several people have told me that they experienced dreams about elephants while studying for important exams. Elephants have large brains and are extremely intelligent. Interestingly, elephants, dolphins, and some primates are the only animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror. If you see yourself riding an elephant in your dream, it means that your desires will be realized and fulfilled. You will ultimately find yourself in a position of responsibility and prestige. It is rare to have a negative dream about an elephant. It's a sign of repression and frustration to dream of elephants attacking or fighting each other. If you are running away from an elephant, it's a sign that you're afraid to use your personal power and strength. Dreaming of an elephant's tusks is not auspicious, as it can be a sign of an early death. In other words, you will not live long enough to enjoy a peaceful and happy retirement.

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