Eyes in a Dream

In ancient times, the eyes were said to symbolize faith. Eyes were also thought to be windows to the soul, revealing the true nature of their owner's psyche. In dreams, the eye's ability to perceive was believed to mirror the dreamer's understanding of the world. Thus, clear eyes revealed strength and vision in the soul of the dreamer; whereas eyes without sight indicated a lack of insight. These interpretations persist today, and eyes are still frequently seen as symbols of an individual's perceptions and interpretations of the world. Dream eyes are also believed to be a conduit to the future, with the ability to predict events through clairvoyant vision. The warmth or coldness of dream eye expressions is sometimes linked to the dreamer's emotional well-being. If the eyes are smiling, the dreamer may be experiencing or about to enter a period of contentment in waking life. If the eyes appear worried, this may reveal the dreamer's fear of emotional or psychological isolation or deprivation.

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