Face in a Dream

A dream that features a human face is thought to be linked with the dreamer's self-image and the image real or perceived that the dreamer projects to others. The human face is usually the first and most significant part of a person's body to be noticed by others, and therefore conveys our image most powerfully to the outside world. The dream face can thus reflect how the dreamer wishes to be seen. If it is bright and has clear, fresh skin, this could be a true image of the dreamers' or a wishful one. A haggard face can signify that the dreamer is unhappy about his or her image in the eyes of others. The condition of the dreamer's face can also reflect his or her daily routine in waking life. Was it showing the effects of a hectic schedule? A dream in which someone else's face features prominently can reflect the dreamer's feelings toward that person in waking life.

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