Fly in a Dream

The common housefly has always been connected with filth, decay, and death. Consequently, in the past it was considered an omen that if a person dreamt of a fly he or she would die soon. Beelzebub, a devil mentioned in the Bible, was often depicted as a fly. Flies spread cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, typhoid, and many other illnesses by excreting, vomiting, and walking over food. On the positive side, they help recycle dead and decaying matter. Flies usually have negative connotations in dreams today. If you dream of a fly, it's a sign that other people are trying to influence you, and may even try to use emotional blackmail. Alternatively, you may be surrounded by negative people. Dreaming of a solitary fly gives you the ability to move quickly to resolve a problem. Dreaming of many flies is a sign that you're too busy with everyday concerns to make plans for the future. In the East, the seemingly mindless flitting of a fly symbolizes a wandering, restless soul.

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