Fox in a Dream

All around the world, the fox is considered a sly and cunning animal. Chinese folktales say that when a fox reached the age of fifty, it was able to turn itself into a woman. At the age of one hundred, it could turn into a young girl, and at the age of one thousand it would become a celestial fox. People believed that evil spirits rode on the backs of foxes. In China, dreaming of a fox is not a good sign, as it indicates potential venereal disease. Native American myths portray the fox as a trickster, and someone who can change shape at will. In the West, it's considered a sign of danger to dream of a fox. This could be a sign that others see you as sly and cunning, and you need to be more open and honest. However, there are positive interpretations, too. Foxes are shrewd, intelligent, and cautious animals, with excellent survival skills. Foxes can be a sign that you should be cautious, and act only when you are convinced it is the right time to make a move. If you chase or catch a fox in your dream, it's a sign that you'll be ten steps ahead of your enemies and anyone else who does not wish you well. It's a sign of an enjoyable social event if you dream you are one of a group of riders out fox hunting.

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