Furies in a Dream

In Roman mythology, the three Furies were mythical winged creatures with snakes for hair. (In Greek mythology, they were known as the Eumenides.) They were called daughters of Gaia (the Earth), and were said to have appeared fully formed from the blood of Uranus. Consequently, blood dripped from their eyes. They were also known as Daughters of the Night and Daughters of Darkness. Their names were Tisiphone (the Avenger of Blood), Alecto (the Implacable), and Megaera (the Jealous). The Furies sought vengeance for all crimes that went unpunished, or were ethically, rather than criminally, wrong. Their power was so strong that they were able to continue punishing people long after they had died. If you dream of the Furies, it's a sign that you need to right something that is wrong. You'll need courage and persistence to do this, and may not receive much help from other people.

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