Goose in a Dream

When I lived in London, I was fortunate enough to live beside the River Thames. Most mornings, I had to pass a highly aggressive goose while walking to the railway station. I occasionally missed my train, as the goose would not let me or the other commuters get past him. Consequently, I consider geese to be nasty, vicious birds. However, I still think geese look majestically serene on water and beautiful in flight. According to Roman tradition, a flock of geese saved the capital city by alerting guards to an attack from a Gaulish army in 387 BCE. After that, sacred geese were kept in Rome. They were sacred to Juno and considered a symbol of love, fertility, and happy marriage, as well as vigilance. Partly because of this Roman tradition, the goose is still considered a symbol of a happy marriage. However, the main reason for this interpretation is that the goose has just one partner in its life. Pictures of two flying geese make popular wedding gifts as they symbolize a long and happy marriage. To dream of geese is a sign of a long and happy union.

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