Grass in a Dream

Dreaming of grass can be relevant to the outcome of future projects. Green grass - especially if growing near flower beds - can indicate success in activities connected with work or leisure. Brown or dying grass can imply disappointment, or suggest that certain projects will be much harder to achieve than originally thought.
A dream of a well-kept lawn can pertain to an efficiently organized work project. If the lawn's edges were very neat, you may be planning to add some finishing touches.
Overgrown grass in your dream can signify stress in your waking life. Perhaps you need to cut back on your activities, and spend more time relaxing.
Was the grass growing in a field, or was it a small patch? Was it green, or was it brown?
Eating grass
If you ate your dream grass, this may be a symbol of sensual pleasures. Did the grass taste good or did it leave a bitter aftertaste?
Planting grass
Planting grass in your dream is usually associated with the desire to provide security for yourself and your family. It can also suggest that your life will be enriched, but only over a long period of time.
Making hay
Gathering grass to make hay in your dream can signify that you should act as soon as possible in some sphere to make hay while the sun shines.

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