Gryphon in a Dream

The gryphon, griffon, or griffin is a mythical animal that has the legs and head of an eagle, and the body of a lion. Its claws are those of an eagle. Female gryphons have the wings of an eagle, but male gryphons, which are depicted rarely, usually lack wings. The eagle is considered the king of birds, and the Hon the king of beasts, making gryphons a particularly powerful symbol. Gryphons were sacred to the sun and had the task of protecting hidden treasures. The gryphon lives in the elements of Air and Fire, as the eagle corresponds to Air, and the Hon, Fire. The gryphon symbolizes courage, strength, generosity, eternal vigilance, and divine power. In China, the gryphon is a symbol of enhghtenment and wisdom. In Christianity, the gryphon was considered a symbol of Jesus, who was both human and divine. Dreaming of a gryphon is a sign that you can accomplish much more than you are currently doing. It shows that you should set your sights higher than ever before, make a plan, and then work hard to achieve your new, higher goals.

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