Hedgehog in a Dream

In China, the humble hedgehog has been associated with the overthrowing of an empire ever since Emperor Wu Cheng dreamt of large hedgehogs attacking his home. The next day, he ordered his men to kill every hedgehog in the city. In time, Wu Cheng lost his popularity and the people called him a hedgehog. Ever since then, in China, the poor hedgehog has been considered a predictor of destruction. However, in Japan and parts of China, the hedgehog is said to symbolize wealth. During the Middle Ages, people in Europe considered the hedgehog a symbol of Satan. To dream of a hedgehog is a sign that you need to face a difficult situation openly. You can't be defensive (prickly) or try to deny the problem exists (curling yourself up into a ball). The problem will take time to resolve, but the outcome will be positive for you.

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