Hippo in a Dream

The hippopotamus is a huge and powerful animal that can weigh up to 7,000 pounds. In ancient Egypt, the male hippopotamus was considered a symbol of brutality and evil, because of his enormous appetite. However, the Egyptians also had a pregnant hippopotamus goddess, named Taueret, who looked after fertility, childbirth, women, and young children. Because the hippopotamus is a gregarious animal, dreaming of one can be a sign of stimulating and rewarding social activity, as well as creativity. The hippopotamus is an immensely powerful animal that usually manages to get its own way. Consequently, dreaming of a hippopotamus can be a sign that you'll achieve your own goals without too much opposition from others. If the hippo in your dreams is angry or aggressive, it's a sign that someone close to you is worried, upset, or concerned about something. You should offer your support and help. If the hippo in your dream appears to be listless and unhappy, you may be concerned about your weight. However, this can also be a sign that something you're involved in is taking longer than you'd like to accomplish.

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