Horse in a Dream

Horses are associated with freedom, speed, power, and achievement. Horses have played an important role in most cultures and even appear in Paleolithic cave paintings, showing how valuable they have been throughout history. According to Greek mythology, the god Poseidon created the first horse. The horse is used in Christian art to symbolize courage, stamina, and generosity. It is usually a positive sign to dream of a horse, as it indicates peace and contentment. Mounting or racing a horse indicates an improvement in status or fortune. However, a horse that appears angry, or is trying to buck you off, is a sign of tension and disagreement. Unless you resolve the situation, your plans will not come into fruition. It's a sign that you are restricted in some way if the horse is injured, shackled, or confined. If you dream of a stallion, it is a sign of untapped sexual energy. It has always been considered auspicious to dream of a white horse. This indicates fertility, happiness, success, and wealth. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to dream of a white horse. Dreaming of a black horse is a sign of unwanted changes and fear of the unknown. It can also indicate unwanted attention from someone you don't care for. If you're grooming a horse in your dream, it's a sign that you're gaining satisfaction from caring for others. This usually means you're providing their basic needs, such as food and shelter, but are also supplying love and support. Dreaming of a flying horse with wings is a sign that you're not held back by the comments or restraints of others. You can soar as high as you wish. The horse is the seventh animal in the Chinese zodiac. In ancient China there was a cult that worshipped ancestral horses. To dream of a wild horse or horses signifies that powerful instinctive energies are threatening to loose themselves from the subconscious mind. These energies are uncontrollable and can create turmoil as the dreamer tries to repress them. It is considered a desire for promotion in your career if you dream of a man leading a horse carrying precious objects. Dreams that included horses are considered good omens, and relate to travel, visitors, and news. However, if the horses are in their stables it means that travel, visitors, or news are delayed. In Artemidorus' The Interpretation of Dreams (c. 150 CE), there is a description of a dream involving a horse. A man dreamt that a friend of his had sent him a horse. Unbeknownst to the friend, the man was having an affair with his wife. In the dream a groom led the horse up two flights of stairs and into the bedchamber where the man was sleeping. Shortly after this, the man lost all contact with his mistress. Artemidorus explained that the horse represented the mistress. As it was impossible for a horse to be on the third floor, the relationship between the man and his mistress could not continue.

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