Hydra in a Dream

The hydra is a creature from Greek mythology. It is a water snake with nine heads. (Some accounts say the hydra has as many as one hundred heads.) The hydra's breath was so poisonous that it killed anyone who came close. It was a difficult creature to killas each time a head was cut off, two more grew to replace it. The second labor of Hercules was to kill the Lernaean hydra that lived in a swamp near Lake Lerna. He succeeded in this task with the help of his charioteer who cauterized each wound as soon as Hercules cut off a head. Dreaming of a hydra is a sign that you're facing an apparently insurmountable problem, and the more you examine the situation, the more complicated it becomes. You should examine the problem carefully and gradually resolve it by working at small parts of it at a time.

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