Komodo in a Dream

Dragon The komodo dragon is native to Indonesia and is the world's largest living lizard. It can grow to ten feet in length and often weighs around 150 pounds. The largest known komodo dragon weighed 370 pounds. In the absence of a male, the female monitor lizard can produce offspring by parthenogenesis, which means "virgin birth" in Greek. The komodo dragon was unknown in the West until 1910. In 1926, an adventurer named William Douglas Burden organized an expedition to capture one. He brought two live specimens back to the United States, but they soon died. His expedition inspired Burden's friend, Merian C. Cooper (1893-1973), a Hollywood producer and director, to make his movie KingKongva 1933. Komodo dragons are often called "living dinosaurs," even though they are not directly related to dinosaurs. Dreaming of a komodo dragon is a sign that you've been in one place for too long and need to change your attitude, job, or home to avoid being considered a dinosaur yourself.

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