Magpie in a Dream

In medieval times, artists used the magpie to symbolize evil and death. In Sweden, the magpie was associated with witchcraft. In Devon, people spat three times to avert bad luck when they saw a magpie. In Scotland, people believed that magpies flying near one's home was a sign that someone would shortly die. In China, to dream of a magpie is an excellent omen, signifying good news and happiness. It is also considered a sign of a happy marriage. One of the best-loved Chinese legends concerns the cowherd and the weaving maiden. On the seventh day of the seventh moon, magpies gather to create a bridge across the Milky Way. This allows the weaving maiden to visit her lover, the cowherd. On this day, single girls bring offerings to the weaving maiden and have their fortunes told, hoping to learn that their lovers are close at hand. Two magpies together signify sexual intercourse. Chinese artists frequently paint pictures containing twelve magpies. This traditionally means twelve good wishes. In the West, magpies are considered thieves, as they are attracted to anything that is shiny. Consequently, dreaming of magpies is a sign that someone is stealing from you. It is considered bad luck to dream of a single magpie, as they mate for life.

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