Money in a Dream

Most interpreters believe that money dreams express the ability to give and receive in emotional terms. More literally, the dream may simply reflect the dreamer's waking use of money. Money can also signify the dreamer's generosity or greed. Thus, large amounts of dream money may indicate a magnanimous person's or the dreamer's desire to be one whereas meager sums may suggest the dreamer's unwillingness (or inability) to part with generous amounts. Dream emotions on finding or seeing money can be significant as well. Surprise or joy can indicate prosperity ahead, whereas a knowing acceptance can reveal a current sense of financial satisfaction.
Receiving dream money is generally considered a very good sign, especially if it was acquired through honest work or hard labor. Such dreams can also symbolize the flexing of your creative muscles.
Changing paper money for coins in the dream can denote problems in your financial strategy. Have you deferred an important monetary decision that will affect your future security?
Spending money freely in a dream can indicate feelings of goodwill and personal satisfaction. If you were window shopping and unable to make a purchase, however, it may mean that you are feeling emotionally unfulfilled, or somehow deprived.
Borrowing money
Borrowing money in a dream may act as a warning not to indulge in an extravagant venture. Research all angles of a deal before you commit to a substantial personal undertaking.
Making payments
Giving money away in a dream is generally seen as a good sign relating to matters at work. Recall who was paid, how much, and why. The answers might shed light on current work-related issues.
Saving or investing
A dream of saving or investing money can be a straightforward reflection of financial planning for your future and that of your family. Or, it may imply that you have taken the necessary steps to emotionally prepare yourself for certain relationships.

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