Monkey in a Dream

The monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese zodiac. In Chinese mythology, gods sometimes appear in the form of monkeys. In the Ramayana, the great Indian epic story, the monkey-god, Hanuman, symbolizes kindness, gentleness, loyalty, and self-sacrifice. Early Christians associated monkeys with every possible vice and related them to the devil. The English word monkey was not known until 1530, and within a few years it was being used as an affectionate term for playful children. To dream of monkeys is a sign of pleasant times, enjoyable conversations, and frequent laughter. It relates to the more childlike, mischievous, and playful aspects of the dreamer. Monkeys are sometimes related to adultery, but most of the time the pleasure is innocent fun. To dream of a monkey holding a peach is a sign of longevity. If you dream of a monkey that is aggressive, or is refusing to hand over something that belongs to you, it's a sign that you've been focusing on a problem that is not as serious or important as you think. When you let go of the problem, the fun will return to your life.

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