Mouse in a Dream

The ancient Greeks associated mice with the goddess Aphrodite, because they were considered lascivious. The Romans considered white mice a symbol of good luck. In his dream book, The Oneirocriticon (c. 350 CE), the Roman writer Astrampsychus wrote that seeing a mouse in a dream was an extremely propitious sign. During the Middle Ages, people related mice to witches and the souls of dead people. Interestingly, white mice were thought to be the souls of people waiting to be born. Infestations of mice were thought to be divine punishment for some misdeed. Mice are considered fast-moving, modest, and timid animals. Consequently, dreaming of mice can indicate feelings of embarrassment, timidity, and fear. If mice appear in your dreams, it's a sign that you need to develop more confidence in yourself. However, it also shows that you are single-minded and are quietly progressing towards your goals. It's a sign that you're working well in a group or team if you dream of several mice. If, in your dream, you experience fear or panic at the sight of a mouse, it's a sign that you're allowing something totally unimportant to destroy your happiness and peace of mind. If the mice in your dream seem to be pests or vermin, it's a sign that you're overly focused on small concerns and are neglecting the big picture.

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