Nightingale in a Dream

An ancient Greek legend tells how Philomena was transformed into a nightingale. Apparently, Tereus, the king of Thrace, invited Philomena to visit his wife. However, when she arrived he raped her, and then cut out her tongue to prevent her from telling anyone about it. However, Philomena told the story by weaving it into a robe, which she sent to Procne, the king's wife. When Procne saw the message in the robe, she cut up her son and fed him to King Tereus. When Tereus learned that he'd eaten his son, he chased Procne all the way to Philomena. The gods were watching this, and transformed all three of them into birds. King Tereus became a hawk; Procne, his wife, became a swallow; and Philomena became a nightingale. Nightingales are always considered a positive sign that indicates financial success in the near future. If the nightingale is singing, it's a sign of upward progress, such as a promotion or increased responsibility. It's a sign of a quick recovery if you are unwell when you dream of a nightingale. If you're single, dreaming of a nightingale indicates a romance in the near future.

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