Owl in a Dream

In the West, the owl is considered a symbol of wisdom. This belief dates back to the ancient Greeks, who thought the owl's large, expressive eyes, which seldom blink, indicated intelligence. In Greece, owls were sacred to Athena, the goddess of war. However, in peacetime she became the goddess of wisdom. The Romans considered the owl inauspicious. Pliny the Elder even wrote that an entire city could be destroyed if an owl appeared there. Even today, some people in Europe believe someone in the household will die if an owl rests on the roof of their house. The Chinese also consider the owl inauspicious. In the East, it's considered a sign of disaster if you dream of an owl. Today, most people accept the ancient Greek ideas about the owl. Consequently, if you dream of an owl, it's a sign that you'll gain knowledge, understanding, discernment, and wisdomeither from your own thoughts or intuition, or by seeking advice from someone you trust. If you dream of an owl while something in your life is coming to an end, it's a sign that you should let go gracefully and not seek to hang on. If you do this, it will be much easier to seize the new starts ahead. If you hear the hoot of an owl in your dream, it's a sign of a difficult period coming up. You will experience loss, pain, or sadness, but you will come out of the experience a much stronger, more capable person.

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