Ox in a Dream

The ox is the emblem of St. Luke and priesthood. A man, lion, eagle, and ox are the four faces of the cherubim (Ezekiel 1:10). Most Nativity scenes include an ox as one of the animals surrounding Jesus in his manger. The ox traditionally symbolizes contentment and nonaggressive strength. The ox is sometimes associated with sacrifice, as it is a castrated bull that has given up its virility to serve its owner. The ox is the second animal in the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese word niu represents the ox, bull, cow, and any other beast of burden. A large number of Chinese people will not eat beef, because it comes from an animal that has helped them bring in their harvest. The ox is associated with home and family, as well as family prosperity. The ox symbolizes spring. For this reason, to dream of oxen is a good omen, symbolizing new starts, happiness, and joy. Fat oxen indicate upward progress and success. Thin oxen show that your fortunes will decrease. It's also a sign that you will be admired by people of the opposite sex.

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