Parrot in a Dream

Parrots were introduced to the West from India by Alexander the Great. The parrot is often considered a symbol of love. This is because parrots are devoted to their partners and enjoy preening and grooming each other. In ancient Rome, parrots were kept as pets and taught to say phrases such as "Hail, Caesar!" They are still popular as pets today. Parrots are gregarious birds that enjoy communicating with people as well as other birds. A medieval legend says that it was a parrot that announced the coming of the Virgin Mary. The word popinjay, as it was used in the Middle Ages, relates to both parrots and the Virgin Mary. If you dream of a parrot, it's a sign of pleasant times ahead. You will use your verbal skills effectively and will demonstrate tact, sensitivity, and a strong sense of fun in your dealings with others. It also shows that you should relax and make the most of things. If the parrot in your dream is talking incessantly, it's a sign that you're accepting too much on trust. You need to think and evaluate what you hear rather than accepting information and repeating it "parrot" fashion.

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