Peacock in a Dream

Because of the peacock's beauty, and doubtless because it spends most of its time on the ground, humans have bred peacocks for thousands of years. In Egypt, the peacock was sacred to the sun god Amun Ra. In Rome, it was sacred to Juno. In India, the peacock is associated with Hindra, the god of thunder. The peacock is one of many animals ridden by Buddha. Early Christians considered the peacock a symbol of immortality and resurrection: immortality, because they believed wrongly that dead peacocks did not decay; and resurrection, because peacocks shed their magnificent feathers every year and grow new ones. In the West, dreaming of a peacock is a sign of personal satisfaction. You have achieved something worthwhile, and this has bolstered your pride and self-esteem. In Chinese allegorical painting, the peacock denotes a government official.

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