Phoenix in a Dream

The phoenix is a mythical bird that lives for five hundred years. It then flies to Heliopolis, where it is consumed by fire on an altar. Three days later, a young phoenix emerges from the ashes and flies away to live for another five hundred years. For this reason, to rise like a phoenix indicates someone who has failed at something but returns and ultimately triumphs. The phoenix is traditionally considered a sign of resurrection and immortality. The phoenix has the head of a pheasant, the back of a tortoise, and the tail of a fish. It is brightly colored, and is known as the Vermilion or Red Bird in feng shui. The mythical phoenix is extremely rare. This is possibly because fairies like eating their eggs. It is usually depicted flying, accompanied by many other birds. The presence of a phoenix in a dream is a sign that you will find new sources of inner strength and achieve prosperity and good harvests. It is a sign of good fortune, protection, and worldly success.

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