Pig in a Dream

In ancient times, the pig was the sacred animal of the earth goddess. This is because it was fast growing and prolific, and symbolized a bountiful harvest.*'' Because of its sexual appetite and large number of offspring, the pig was considered a symbol of fertility in Egypt and Greece. The ancient Cretans revered the pig, as Jupiter was suckled by a sow. However, Jews and Muslims consider it an unclean animal. The ancient Celts worshipped the pig and considered pork the ultimate delicacy. Kerridwen and Phaea were sow goddesses. In medieval times, the pig was associated with gluttony, stubbornness, overindulgence, and intemperance. If you dream of a pig, it is a sign that you need to accept yourself as you are. It indicates a time of transformation, during which your goals and desires will change. If you dream of hunting pigs, it is a sign of victory over obstacles. If the pig in your dream is dirty, gluttonous, and unappealing, it symbolizes someone close to you who is selfish, greedy, mean, and focused on satisfying his or her physical appetite. More than half of the pigs in the world live in China. The pig is the twelfth and final animal in the Chinese zodiac. It symbolizes virility, and denotes a strong masculine presence in the dreamer's life. In China, pregnant women are given pork to eat, as it is considered to be nourishing for both the mother and fetus. However, knuckle of pork signifies pregnancy, and should not be eaten by virginal young women. In the East, it is a sign of success to dream of a pig in a test or examination. The dreamer will be honored or rewarded for this feat.

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