Rhino in a Dream

Powdered rhinoceros horn is a popular aphrodisiac in Asia. This probably came about because it takes rhinoceroses up to an hour to copulate, and the male can ejaculate up to fifty times during that time. The phallic shape of the horn doubtless helps belief in its aphrodisiacal qualities. Early Christian writers were obviously not aware of this aspect of the rhinoceros's reputation. They claimed that the rhino ceased being ferocious and became as gentle as a lamb when i a in the presence of a virgin. The rhinoceros used to live in China, and its horn was considered lucky for students. As people who study are believed to possess good character, to dream of a rhinoceros is a sign that the dreamer is developing these qualities. In the West, dreaming of a rhino is a sign that your powerful life force needs to be channelled wisely. When older men dream of a rhino, it's usually a sign that they're mourning lost potency.

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