Rooster in a Dream

Because it crows at the break of day, the rooster has always been associated with the sun. It is also a fertility symbol and an emblem of male sexuality. Its reputation as a fertility symbol does not always work to its advantage. Even today, in Europe, its not unusual for freshly cut fields to be fertilized with the blood of a rooster, to ensure the success of the next crop. If you dream of a rooster, it's a sign that you need to be more open and assertive to obtain what is rightfully yours. A popular one-liner says: "The meek shall inherit the earth after everyone else is finished with it." Be assertive, if necessary, to ensure your own needs are met. The rooster is the tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac. It is a fortunate animal to dream about, as it traditionally wards off evil and protects the dreamer. It is also a sign of recognition and achievement. A white rooster on a coffin means that demons cannot enter. A red rooster is believed to provide protection against fire. Cockfighting is a popular sport in China, even though it is officially outlawed. Because the rooster is considered such a fortunate animal in China, it is not killed and eaten as it is in the West. Because chickens have what appears to be a crown on their heads, they are often associated with government and military officials. Consequently, if you dream of a chicken it means you will progress in your career. The same thing applies if you dream of a rooster, but in this case, the promotion will not be a happy one. To dream of chickens fighting in your home is a sign of quarrels and disagreements with other family members.

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