Salamander in a Dream

The salamander is an amphibious, lizardlike animal that usually has moist skin, a slim body, a long tail, and four limbs. However, some salamanders are more eel-like in appearance with missing, or concealed, limbs. Most salamanders are small, but the giant Chinese salamander can grow to almost six feet in length. As salamanders grow, they shed, and eat, the outermost layers of their skin. The mythical salamander is the one more commonly found in dreams. It is a lizardlike creature that lives in fire. Because of this, Paracelsus (1493-1541), the Swiss physician and writer, associated them with the element of Fire. (He also associated gnomes with Earth, sylphs with Air, and undines with Water.) As the mythical salamander is believed to be sexless, it is associated with chastity. In Christianity, the salamander symbolizes the complete faith of someone who cannot be tempted by the fires of temptation. Dreaming of a salamander is a sign of purification. You will be eliminating some of the negative aspects of your life, and starting again on a firmer, more solid foundation.

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