Scorpion in a Dream

The scorpion was feared in ancient Egypt. However, it was also treated with reverence, and depictions of scorpions exist that possess the head of Isis. According to the Bible, King Rehoboam threatened to chastise his people with scorpions (1 Kings 12:11). In medieval art, scorpions were used to symbolize Satan, as well as death and malice. In Central America, people believed that Mother Scorpion received the souls of the dead at the far end of the Milky Way. In astrology, Scorpio, or scorpion, is the eighth sign of the zodiac. The sun passes through Scorpio between October 23 and November 21 each year. There are two main interpretations if you dream of a scorpion. The first is that you may have been hurt (stung) by someone's words or actions. The second is that you may be about to inflict hurt or harm on someone, and should think carefully about your proposed actions.

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