Sheep in a Dream

Sheep have been domesticated for approximately nine thousand years. Because they need to be looked after by a shepherd, they came to symbolize weakness, submission, and helplessness. They were also considered pure, which explains why they were so frequently sacrificed in biblical times. The lamb also became a symbol of Christ. If you dream of a sheep, it's a sign that you need to leave the "flock," and think for yourself. If you dream of sheep and wolves, you're being tempted to do something that you normally wouldn't do. Sheep and wolves, as well as sheep and goats, symbolize good and evil. Dreaming of a lamb or lambs is a sign of innocence and purity. The apparent weakness, childlike nature, and vulnerability of the lamb gives you the ability to overcome evil. If you dream of a flock of sheep, it's a sign that you have been accepted into a group or organization. The sheep is the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac. Because the lamb kneels when it is being suckled, the sheep became a symbol of strong family feelings, especially love for the parents. In China, to dream of sheep is a sign of a strong, stable, nurturing family unit.

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