Spider in a Dream

Early Christians considered the spider a symbol of Satan, who constantly tries to lead people into his web of sin. The Navajo people believe spiders taught people the art of weaving. Because of its ability to spin webs, the spider is usually considered a symbol of creativity. In effect, it is telling you to weave the fabric of your life in your own unique way. Superstitious people still believe that it is good luck to find a small spider on your clothes. Extremely small spiders are called money spiders and are a sign that money is coming. Dreaming of spiders is a call to action. It shows that you need to make a major decision. You'll have many opportunities, and will need to think carefully, before choosing one and following it through. It's a sign of sexual repression and a fear of intimacy if you dream of a spider in your bed. If possible, discuss the dream with your partner, and see if the dream reoccurs. With love and goodwill on both sides, these dreams will become less frequent and will ultimately disappear.

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