Tiger in a Dream

Because the tiger was unknown in the West until early Christian times, most of the symbology associated with it comes from the East. Kali, the Hindu goddess of creation and destruction, rode a tiger. Shiva, the Destroyer god, wears a tiger skin. The tiger and the dragon play a major role in the Form School of feng shui. The tiger and the dragon are also the two irresistible forces in Buddhism. The tiger is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac. It symbolizes bravery, steadfastness, and courage. It is also believed to be able to drive away demons, which is why stone tigers are sometimes found on gravestones. To dream of a tiger is a sign that you will shortly be tested, and will need to be honest, confident, and courageous. You will have to stand up for yourself, or for someone or something you believe in. If you succeed in this, you will be recognized and promoted. It is a good omen to dream of escaping from a tiger, as this means you will shortly hear good news. The Ao Naga people of northeastern India believe that if a young girl dreams that a tiger is following her, it is a sure sign that a young man is in love with her. People of the Angami Naga tribe believe that if a betrothed couple dream of a tiger, the marriage will be an extremely fortunate one. In Java, any dreams that include tigers are a sign of good luck, and indicate that respect and high status will come to the dreamer.

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