Tortoise in a Dream

The ancient Egyptians had a tortoise god called Apesh who was associated with black magic and evil. In ancient Greece, the tortoise was associated with Aphrodite, most probably because of its fertility. In Africa, the tortoise symbolizes knowledge and power. It is also considered something of a trickster, who can do both good and bad. The tortoise has always been a highly symbolic animal in China. At one time it was believed that gods lived inside the shells of tortoises and turtles. In the Chinese tradition, the tortoise supported the world, and its four feet indicated the four corners of the earth. Tortoises symbolize wisdom, stability, longevity, and the ability to withstand anything the fates toss in their direction. It also means progressing at your own pace. To dream of tortoises mean that you will survive and thrive, no matter what the current situation appears to be like.

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